Super Agents on mojaPay

To increase our footprint and penetrate in the townships, we have introduced the Super Agent concept:


These could be any Organisations that has massive following or membership, e.g. political parties, sports clubs, churches, trade unions, taxi organisations, etc.


Being a Super Agent is another way for Organisations to increase revenue for themselves, and possibly use the platform for members to pay their membership fees and/or donations.

Super Agent commission is based on the total transaction amount by its members, and is payable on an agreed time period.

Super Agents can have their own branding on the platform.


The Super Agent’s members will onboard and consume all services available on the Super Agent’s branded mojaPay Platform.


Super Agents can also have representatives (sub-Agents), but there is no commission for their sub-Agents, as they are just representatives and sell services on behalf of the Super Agent. These could be their employees.

Member Satisfaction

Increased Revenue

Branded Platform

No Investment Required

Increased Visibility